We understand the nature of inflatable devices and their unique safety issues.

Inflatables Safety

Minimum Safety Requirements

  • Structure must be properly erected, operated, and maintained during its use.

  • Fall zones must be correctly padded.

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations, operating instructions, safety inspections, and maintenance procedures must be followed.

  • The device must be supervised and monitored at all times by properly trained personnel.

  • Applicable laws, standards, and industry safe practices must be followed.

Did You Know?

  • Inflatables and inflatable slides are one of the most dangerous amusement attractions for young children.

  • Blow-over's and collapses due to equipment failure or improper setup can, and do, cause catastrophic accidents.

  • Inadequate supervision increases the danger of broken bones and dislocations.

  • Allowing younger children to jump with older children is a common safety hazard cited by safety officials.

Private Rental Safety

  • Safety officials are especially concerned about the "Moon Bounce" type of inflatables rented out for private parties. Rental companies often operate with little or no outside oversight.

  • If you are renting an inflatable jumper, ask about the operator's experience, safety record, and training requirements.

  • Make sure the jumper is set up by trained professionals who are familiar with the equipment.

  • Spend the extra money to have a trained operator supervising the jumper at all times.

Consumer Awareness

  • Be aware of the risks.

  • Pay attention to the weather.

  • Avoid inflatables on windy days.

  • Make sure the inflatable is secured

  • Make sure that the operator is attending to his/her job.

  • Supervise children closely.

  • Limit the number of children allowed in an inflatable jumper.

  • Never allow older kids to jump with younger children.


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